I’m terrified to make this post but I’ll make it anyway?

so, um, hi, guys! :3

as you may or may not have noticed, I’m not really active on this blog anymore (for a multitude of reasons but we won’t get into that)

that does not, however, mean I’m not active

if you want me in your life still, all you gotta do is follow this blog right here

that’s me, and if all goes to plan, I’ll be there for a while


I screwed up last night. 

I posted something that hurt my friends and now I’m in over my head trying and flailing to apologize to them. 

I never meant to hurt any of you. Ever. At all. 

Sometimes my emotions get the better of me and things like that happen and I could not be more sorry and terrified than I am right now.

I’m so, so sorry.

"Homecoming will be fun," they said.

"The DJ this year is great!" they said.

"FUCK YOU," I said.

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why is getting ready for a school dance so stressful like REALLY

latulas2spookyradass replied to your post: Andy I’m sorry I’m smiling really hard right now
im in crisis thank u asdfghjlkj

I fear there is no way for me to properly respond to this

I’m sorry I find this enjoyable

Andy I’m sorry I’m smiling really hard right now

Kyle is watching me on Tumblr again

Florida’s in a deadlock right now between Obama and Romney

when Ryan basically said that we were inviting our “enemies” to wait us out by setting a date to be out of a country we do not belong in all I could think was


"dude stop"

"no Ryan shut up"

"shut up"